Lindsey specializes in helping people slow the progression of kidney disease.  However she also works with other conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, digestive issues, and food allergies.  Lindsey provides individualized recommendations to help you enjoy your food AND feel well.

If you'd like to work with Lindsey, click the button above, or email her at


Can Lindsey help me with my questions or health issues?

Lindsey helps people with a wide variety of health issues.  Click on the request a consult button and fill out the form.  Lindsey or her assistant will be in touch to answer your questions within 1-2 business days.  Requesting a consult is not an actual appointment, it is more like a self referral. You will receive an appointment confirmation only after you have had any questions answered and agreed to the visit.

Does insurance cover dietitian visits?

Lindsey is in-network with most major insurances and medicare.  However, medicare will pay for those with a diagnosis of kidney disease OR diabetes ONLY.  Medicaid does not generally cover nutrition services. 

Do I need a doctor referral?

Use the script provided to find out from your insurance company.

How do I know if my insurance will cover a dietitian visit?

Transparency in medical billing is important to Lindsey, and it probably is to you too.  Lindsey has provided a script so that when you contact your insurance, it will be easy to see what nutrition services are covered. You may also be able to use flexible spending funds.  Click on the button below to download the script.

If you do not have dietitian services covered by your insurance or do not have insurance, you can see Lindsey for a prompt pay rate of $150.

Lindsey looks forward to working with you! Please feel free to reach out via email if you have any questions or concerns.


Referring patients to Lindsey

Nutrition plays a key role in any health care plan.  If you have patients who are interested learning how nutrition can help them achieve their health goals, then click on the button below to download referral form.  Lindsey looks forward to working with you and your patients!


Lindsey loves sharing her love of health and nutrition.  She has experience speaking and presenting at professional conferences, students in health-related fields, community groups, gym members, and corporate wellness meetings

Lindsey has featured presentations on:

Go with your Gut: How your gut bacteria impacts your health and how to improve it

Kidney disease and probiotics

Eating to fuel your work day: tips and recommendations to energize you throughout the day

General wellness and nutrition: An overview of basic nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle

Fact or fiction: How to find and evaluate credible nutrition information

Other presentation topics available as needed

To request Lindsey as a speaker, please fill out and submit this form to:

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